Howdy folks ….!!!!

As you know, my season started on Halloween night when I made my first sowings…..not a lot has really happened between then and now, except for lovingly caring for, and feeding my young plants. Apart from the fact that I lost a full tray of seedlings over Christmas !!! Other things going on, and I forgot to water them under the lights…. a harsh lesson 😦

The plants that I overwintered, have survived and are growing well.

over wintered

purple bhut jolokia

chocolate bhut jolokia

However, this time of year is when I really start getting a buzz, because its time for the plants to go into the greenhouses !! πŸ™‚

So all the Hydro equipment has been fetched out of storage, and set up…


Also set up is a 4-pot Wilma and 3 Quadgrows

And the plants placed in them, I have a heater on hand….just in case of any late frosts !

chilli plants

The remaining plants have been potted into their final pots, and put in the large greenhouse.

Here’s a few pics… I’m not much of a photrographer, but I do my best πŸ˜‰
I might have to think about starting a bit later for next season, the plants were ready to go out well before the weather was ready….and as a result a lot of the lower leaves fell off, but all new growth is fine πŸ™‚

These 4 plants are overwintered

over wintered chillis

And here’s some more…

Hydro Greenhouse

infinity plant

pimenta de neyde

Naga morich


chilli plants 2013


Orange Habanero


chocolate Bhut

Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep on top of things now, and be able to update on a regular basis….including more pics, if there’s anything you would like to ask about my plants or growing methods etc, then please get in touch.

Happy growing !!!

iggy πŸ™‚


It’s Been A While !!!!!

Well folks….as the title of this says, it’s been a while since I’ve written anything. I won’t bore you with the reasons…suffice to say I haven’t been well.
Anyway, what’s been going on the past couple of months ? Well….I helped my best mate Woody from Firefoods, at both the BBC Good Food Show & Lincolnshire Xmas Market. It was great chatting to fellow chilli heads, and sharing tips and advice.
Also, the first round of plants are growing nicely, all with good root systems. I know I keep repeating myself on the subject of root systems….but it really is vital to the plants future growth. This is more vital when the plant is destined for Hydroponic systems, that’s why I’m never in a rush to pot on into bigger pots.
Anyway…here’s a few pics for now, please excuse the lighting in some of them…but you’ll get the idea.






I will try and post some individual plant pics next time…also, I’ll be back to updating on a regular basis now…..So any questions or ideas you have, please get in touch.
Thanks for reading.
iggy πŸ™‚


Growing chilli plants under lights…..

As I have mentioned before…growing chillis can be an all year round hobby, with the use of growing lights. Now before I go any further, can I just say….. this is by no means a tutorial, or how-to guide, it is just me passing on some ideas that have worked for me over the last few years.
Why grow under lights ? well, all plants need light to grow, and as chilli growers, it’s handy for us to grow under lights, as this means we can sow seeds and rear seedlings at a time of year when there isn’t much natural daylight.
It’s not as complicated as you might think, once you know which light will work best for you. Ok…blue spectrum light helps plants with growth, and red spectrum light helps with flowering….now that we now this bit of information, we can look at the different type of lighting to give us these spectrums.
The Two main types of lights used by chilli growers are: CFL (Compact Flourescent Lighting)….and HID (High Intensity Discharge)

Compact Flourescent Lighting (CFL)

These are what I use, and I would say they are probably the most popular. They come in blue spectrum, AKA daylight, and red spectrum AKA, warm white. I only use the daylight ones, they are great for placing over a propagator, or in a lightbox. They need to be quite close above the plants. I have never needed red spectrum lighting, because by the time the plants are ready to flower they are in a heated greenhouse getting natural light.

High Intensity Discharge (HID)

HID’s are usually more powerful than CFL’s, and are ideal for growing more plants…or growing indoors all year round. They also come in the red & blue specturms, and don’t need to be as close to the plants.



You can also get dual spectrum lights, which do the lot, however I’ve never used them, so wouldn’t like to comment on them.

Another type of lighting being used regularly by chilli growers is LED, Light Emitting Diode lights…..and I’ll be honest with you, I use these for all my newly sprouted seedlings. In fact…I use a set of 100 blue LED Xmas lights set into a board ! These are great for boosting plant growth and leaf development, are they are cheap to run.

I personally have my lighting set to a 16 hour cycle, using a digital timer to switch the lights on & off.

So, if you fancy having a go at growing under lights….I hope this article helps. One piece of advice I would give you, is shop around on the internet, and do try and get the best lights you can afford.

iggy πŸ™‚


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