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About Me

To say I’m passionate about chillis would be an understatement….. in fact my family and friends would say it’s an obssesion !

As far back as I can remember, I’ve always liked hot and spicey food….. I was the stereotypical big man in any Indian restaurant..

“I’ll have a Vindaloo or Phall” …or “give me the hottest curry you can make”, You know the type !

The thing is…I actually enjoyed these hot curries !  I used to buy bag loads of supermarket chillis, and eat them with everything.

My transition to becoming a proper chillihead started when my brother bought me a chilli growing kit about 15 years ago.  It contained all you need to grow 6 plants… well, once I’d got my plants going..I was reading books about chillis, and I got on the internet for advice, eventually signing up to a couple of chilli forums. The knowledge I gained from these forums was priceless…. different varieties,tips on growing etc…. I was proper hooked !

I’ve grown all sorts of chillis over the years, but concentrate mainly on the superhot chinense varieties. However, I do grow other varieties of chilli, My favourite chilli is the Fatalli.

I regularly work for my good mate Woody from Firefoods,http://www.firefoods.co.uk/  doing shows & events, and through these I’ve met some great folk from the chilli world.

I am an Administrator on one of the friendliest chilli forums on the internet Firefoods chilli Forum ….. if you are into chillis, then you really must visit us on the forum ! The members are so friendly…and they know what they’re talking about, when it comes to chillis…novice or expert, there is something for everyone !!

I have in the past reviewed chilli based products for another website,…always giving a true opinion ! If you’d like me to review your product…let me know through the contact page.

I don’t know where this site will lead….however I’m looking forward to the journey, I hope you’ll come along for the ride !! and please comment or give me ideas !  ask questions if you wish….or if you would like me to post on a certain chilli subject, just ask..You can get in touch via the contact page.


iggy 🙂

One comment on “About Me

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