2013 seedlings doing ok…..

With the results of germination tests, and the appearance of recently sown seeds…..I now have approx 36 seedlings growing well.

Notice the beautiful Pimenta De neyde, in the middle……I imagine it will look great as a full size plant !

Also some germinated in small Jiffy 7 pellets

The main batch, in the seed tray, were sown in Multi Purpose compost….and then transferred to split Rockwool cubes.
The most important thing about these seedlings, is a good root system….as these will go into 3 inch cubes for Hydro.

All in all….not too bad a start, I still have loads of seeds in, and hopefully these will show themselves soon,but I’m quite happy so far.
iggy 😆

2 comments on “2013 seedlings doing ok…..

  1. They’ve grown really quickly since Halloween mate. The Pimenta de Neyde is on my list for 2013 also.

    • Some of them are the result of germination tests prior to halloween sowing mate. The pimenta de Neyde is beautiful I think, first time I’ve grown it 🙂

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