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2012 season….Conclusion.

You may remember a while back, that I decided to wind down the 2012 growing season….. well, now that the temperatures have dropped drastically…..we had below minus temps twice this week, I have been forced to wrap up this growing season altogether 😦

Pretty much all remaining pods have been picked, including ripe, unripe or semi ripe……

The ripe pods will be de-seeded and dried, the unripe/semi-ripe will be put in a cardboard box, with a couple of Bananas, and force ripened…..the Bananas will release a gas called Ethylene, which is produced naturally by most fruits and promotes ripening. These pods, once ripe,will be frozen whole and used at a later date.
I will choose some plants to over-winter, and some for Bonchi,the rest will go on the compost heap.
In concluding this season, I have to look back and say it was my worst growing season for many years ! Apart from some of the setbacks I’ve spoken of in other articles, I think the use of growing beds in the greenhouse was a bad idea, maybe because I put too many plants in each bed. Although these plants grew well, they produced loads of foliage and very few pods….some never even gained flowers. With this in mind, next year I will return to using pots, as most of my growing will be done Hydroponically in all greenhouses.
I think it’s always a bit sad, when we have to finish the growing season….after all, we have spent most of the year tending to our plants….. but all is not lost to me, as I already have seedlings growing for next season ! :-)…..these,and hopefully others, should keep me busy over the coming Winter months !
iggy πŸ™‚


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