We Have Life !!….

Just 6 days after sowing, we have seedlings making their way into the world !

These have been pricked out, carefully placed into a split Rockwool cube, and placed under blue LED lights. This is a critical time for the seedlings, as they could suffer from damping off, a disease that can affect fresh seedlings, especially those sown early. It can happen if there is not enough light, or not enough ventilation around the seedlings. Once they get their second set of leaves, they are usually fine, although care still needs to be taken. It’s just one of the hazards of sowing early, but with vigilance everything should be okay, and in my opinion, the risk is worth it for a head start on the season.
So with these new-borns,and the results of germination tests….I now have 23 seedlings ! I’m happy with that sort of start, let’s hope it continues !
iggy 🙂

3 comments on “We Have Life !!….

  1. Dear Iggy Attenborough, you have excelled yourself, and this is certainly one documentary I’m not going to miss.

    I like how the Carolina Reaper has taken pride and place. 😀

  2. Cheers spicey…. I’m amazed these have come through so quick !

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