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Growing chilli plants under lights…..

As I have mentioned before…growing chillis can be an all year round hobby, with the use of growing lights. Now before I go any further, can I just say….. this is by no means a tutorial, or how-to guide, it is just me passing on some ideas that have worked for me over the last […]

Overwintered Purple Bhut Jolokia……

You may remember a while back, that I wrote an article about overwintering a chilli plant….for that, I used a Purple Bhut Jolokia as an example.

2013 seedlings doing ok…..

With the results of germination tests, and the appearance of recently sown seeds…..I now have approx 36 seedlings growing well.

2012 season….Conclusion.

You may remember a while back, that I decided to wind down the 2012 growing season…..

We Have Life !!….

Just 6 days after sowing, we have seedlings making their way into the world !

Orange Habanero Bonchi….

Following on from my Bonchi article…..