2013 Starts Today !!!!…..

After changing my sowing date for the 2012 season…… when I sowed Jan 1st….I have decided to revert back to sowing on Halloween, or All Hallows Eve, to give it the proper title. I have done this for about 6 years previously. Now, I’m not saying that sowing later than I usually do was the reason for what I believe was my poorest growing year so far….. that was down to many factors, including slugs & snails, early sun scorch from the freak heatwave early in the year, and then poor weather throughout the summer !

So with the 2012 season in it’s death throes as I write this…. I am pleased to announce, that 2013 has started !!! Yes folks, today I’ve sown my first batch of seeds…..Why so early ? you may ask, well as I’ve mentioned in previous articles, chilli growing can be an all year round hobby, with the use of heat & artificial lighting. Also, Cap.Chinense require a long growing season, and this gives me a good head start. It also gives me something to do through Winter !

all first round sowing’s are cap.Chinense:

Infinity,  Fatalii, Carolina Reaper,   TS Butch T, TS Morouga,  Nagabon,   Bhut Jolokia ,   Chocolate Bhut Jolokia,

Naga morich,   Naga Viper, Chocolate Scorpion, Orange Hab, Lemon Drop,   paper Lantern,       

Aji Chombo,    Pimenta De Neyde, (which is actually a C.Annum X C.Chinense)

7pot Barrackpore,   7pot Jonah,  7pot yellow,  7pot Brain, 7pot Primo

I have sown the seeds, around 150, in Multi Purpose Compost in small polystyrene tubs, and also Jiffy 7 pellets, and these have been placed in the heated propagator and on a heat-mat.

Out of these, I would hope to get around 80 – 100 plants after losses.

Last year, I sowed the majority in Rockwool cubes, and had quite a lot of failures in germination….. I have no idea why, but I’m taking no chances this time ! However….I will need a lot of the seedlings in Rockwool cubes, because they will be going into Hydro equipment, i.e   NFT Systems,Wilma and Quadgrows. So what I will do is, when the seedlings are ready to be pricked out, I will simply split a one inch Rockwool cube down one side…and place the seedling neatly into the split.

However, as the Jiffy 7 pellets are only 18mm in diameter, they fit nicely into the hole of a 3 inch Rockwool cube

.Once they have been pricked out, the seedlings will go into light-boxes, under blue LEDs for a while, and then Daylight CFLs.

Depending how this first batch get on…I might make a second sowing around New Year. This would give me chance to get the number of plants I want, should the first sowing be disappointing.

So fingers crossed…. I hope to have some seedlings in a few weeks. I’ll let you know !

iggy 🙂

3 comments on “2013 Starts Today !!!!…..

  1. 😀 Looking forward to the updates, mate. Good luck with all of your seeds for 2013, and I hope you have a superb growing season. Mine will be going in on the 1st December—which is early enough for me. Lots of varieties to choose from, and no doubt I’ll end up growing one of everything and struggle for space LOL. I’ll share your post on Facebook.

  2. Thanks spicey…..anything you need, or if I can be of help, just let me know mate 🙂

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