October 13th… Winding Down The Season.

It was with a heavy heart,that I realised the time had come to start finishing the 2012 season. The temperature is dropping and days are getting shorter…..So now, my mission is to ripen off the remaining pods on the plants. I started in the Hydro greenhouse, and was pretty ruthless ! Any part of any plant, that didn’t hold a pod… was swiftly removed with secateurs,even if they had flowers on, as were all the leaves that remained on the plants. What was left, were bare skeletal stems… containing lovely pods, some green, some semi-ripe.

Hopefully, the remaining pods will now ripen off, and the plants can be cleared out.

Some of them may be cut down and put aside to over-winter, or used for Bonchi.

I will now start doing the same in the other greenhouses…… Once I’ve cleaned up the mess I’ve made !!!!

iggy πŸ™‚

6 comments on “October 13th… Winding Down The Season.

  1. Hi! Your Chilies are so beautiful! Am planting Chili too but very hard to grow. Am using organic matter. Any advise? Thanks! Cheers!

    • Hi Lijiun, thanks for your kind words. Growing chilies can be easy, with a little patience.
      The main points are: do not over-water, the growing medium should be damp only.To grow well the plants will need feeding, you can use Tomato feed. Then light and warmth. I will be sowing my seeds for next season in a couple of weeks, and you can follow my progress here πŸ™‚

  2. πŸ˜₯ I bet that took you ages to remove all the leaves from those plants mate. It was like a jungle in that greenhouse.

  3. That’s what kept me going through the ordeal mate ! πŸ™‚

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