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October 8th, 2012: Small Harvest.


I have still dozens of green pods, on a lot of my plants….and being the sort of grower I am, I will persevere until they are all ripe ! Luckily, I have heating in the Hydro Greenhouse, so there isn’t much need to worry about those plants.
There are ways too encourage ripening of green pods, however, I think forced ripening reduces the heat in a chilli pod.
As I said earlier, I will try and wait for the pods to ripen naturally, and pick them as soon as they do ripen. That’s just what I did this morning, and although it’s a small harvest… I’m happy.

The smaller pods, usually found at the bottom of the plant, are ideal for just chopping in half and popping into any dish you’re cooking to add heat and flavour….they may be small, but still pack a punch of heat !

These pods were then de-seeded:

Before going into the dehydrator to dry:

This can take anything, from 6 to 10 hours….. and once they’re dry, they will be stored in an air tight container, ready to be used for cooking or made into chilli flakes/powder.

iggy 🙂


One comment on “October 8th, 2012: Small Harvest.

  1. That’s a nice haul of infinities mate. I need to get me a dehydrator for next year.

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