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Pimiento De Padron

I recently received a parcel from fellow chilli head Matt Mitchell, which contained,amongst other goodies, these:

They are of course, Pimiento De Padron. One of the oldest non-hybrid peppers, they were supposedly introduced to Spain from Mexico by Fransican monks, back in the 18th century. They were apparently named due to their popularity in the town of Padrón in the northwestern province of Galicia, a festival is held every year in August, in a nearby village called Herbon, to celebrate these small but popular peppers. Although a very mild pepper,it is said that one in five are extremely hot, and that’s why they are called the Russian Roulette pepper.
They are found in every Tapas bar throughout Spain, and although I’ve sat on a Spanish beach and munched my way through a bag of these from the supermaket…. there really is only one way they should be eaten to enjoy them at their best… and that is Tapas style !
Simply fry in hot Olive oil, until they brown and blister…then briefly drain on kitchen roll, and serve warm sprinkled with sea salt…. Delicious !!



One comment on “Pimiento De Padron

  1. […] counterpart on Facebook, kindly send me some fresh chillies to try a few weeks ago, which were: Pimientos de Padrón, Naga Viper, Cajamarca, Aji Wrecking Ball and Chocolate […]

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