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What is a pepper ? Or is it a Chilli Pepper ?

“All peppers, be it the hottest Habanero or the sweetest Bell, belong to the genus Capsicum. The word Capsicum; derives from the Greek word ‘Kapto’  which means to bite; apt for many of the species.”

This is a quote from, in my opinion, one of the finest and most Informative, books ever published about chillis. Written by Matt Simpson of Simpsons seeds, and first published in 2005…. the book is a mine of facts and Information.

Broken down into 10 chapters, that are well written and easy to read, with a hint of humour…… so you won’t be baffled with long scientific Psychobabble ! It tells us in detail of the first introduction of peppers into Europe by Christopher Columbus, and their world wide spread… through to an interesting section explaining why chillis are hot and why we feel the burning sensation and the feeling of euphoria we get after eating chillis, the different strains and types of Capsicum , and a large chapter on sowing and growing them in the UK…. including sowing , care and feeding, pests and problems, saving seeds,overwintering chilli plants and much more.

The book ends with Matt telling us his favourite peppers for cooking, pickling and drying,  a Recipe section, with some lovely recipes involving chillis…. and a very fact filled Glossary of terms.

All in all, I can guarantee that if you are interested in chillis , be it for culinary purposes or growing yourself, regardless if you are an expert or novice, you will find this book is a must have in your collection. I find myself reaching for it on numerous occasions though the growing season, and it’s a damn good read !
You can obtain a copy here:http://www.simpsonsseeds.co.uk/shop/copy_of_Books.html



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