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2013 Starts Today !!!!…..

After changing my sowing date for the 2012 season……

October 23rd… Another Harvest….

It would seem, that stripping all the plants in my Hydro greenhouse, is finally paying off……

Growing Plants From Cuttings.

If you haven’t been fortunate enough to save any True To Type seeds, i.e seeds that haven’t been open pollinated,

October 13th… Winding Down The Season.

It was with a heavy heart,that I realised the time had come to start finishing the 2012 season.

Over-Winter a Chilli Plant

Ok… it’s the time of year, when a lot of chilli growers are taking the last pods off their plants…and pulling them up for the compost heap, with thoughts already on next season’s growing list.

October 8th, 2012: Small Harvest.

  I have still dozens of green pods, on a lot of my plants….and being the sort of grower I am, I will persevere until they are all ripe !

Bonchi (Bonsai Chilli)….

Bonsai, is the Japanese art of growing small trees in small pots….

Pimiento De Padron

I recently received a parcel from fellow chilli head Matt Mitchell, which contained,amongst other goodies, these:


What is a pepper ? Or is it a Chilli Pepper ? “All peppers, be it the hottest Habanero or the sweetest Bell, belong to the genus Capsicum. The word Capsicum; derives from the Greek word ‘Kapto’  which means to bite; apt for many of the species.”