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How to save True To Type Seed

When it comes to sowing chilli seeds, we all like to know that the seeds are True To type. This means the seeds are pure strain,and have not been cross pollinated by nearby plants. For those who would like to save seeds that are True To Type, but have neither the room or resources to isolate a number of individual plants…. then you could try the bagging method. Bagging is a simple method and involves covering the flower heads to keep out pollen. Use breathable material such as Reemay or a paper bag, Ive even used a tea bag before ! I use these now:

They are little voil bags,available as wedding favour bags on the internet.








Secure snugly around the stem or insects will crawl in, (you may need to wrap the stem with cotton wool first.) After flowering, you should be able to see the new pod forming in the middle of the flower,

the bags are now  removed and the fruit marked for seed collection,when the pod is ripe, with a piece of string tied to the stem:

the seeds from that single pod should then be TTT. It’s always a good idea to bag a few flowers on each plant, in case of flower drop or accidents.




When the pod is fully ripe, you need to split it and de-seed:







Spreading the seeds evenly on some kitchen roll to dry, and clearly marking their variety.

And there you have it….True To Type seeds ready for sowing next season.

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