June/July Update

You will have noticed, that I haven’t updated for a couple of months.This was mainly due to very slow growth, and also severe damage to the plants!!…. Following the sun damage, the plants were just starting to revive and put on new healthy growth. However, when I returned from a week’s holiday… slugs had enjoyed an “all you can eat” party!!
I lost a number of plants, and others were looking very sorry for themselves! Plants damaged beyond saving were thrown out, and the survivors were given some TLC and have now put on some very good growth…plenty of flowers, and even some pods .
The plants in the greenhouse beds are showing compact growth

whereas the ones in the Hydro greenhouse are larger and more open.

The best plants are the ones in the GS100.

They are huge and have a lot of leaf growth, However most of these leaves will be removed to allow the plants to put more energy into fruiting.

The plants in the Wilma, are a bit slow, apart from one Infinity.

This may be due to the nutrients being used, which are the one’s supplied by Greenhouse sensations with the Gs100 and the Quadgrows, I may try and change this over the next couple of weeks.
All greenhouse plants are being fed weekly now with Chilli Focus.
Hopefully, in my next update…. I will post pics of individual plants and pods. Right… I’m off on holiday again for a week…. but don’t tell the slugs !!!!!
Happy Growing !


3 comments on “June/July Update

  1. Looking good mate 🙂 Those fatalii chillies look lush!!

  2. Thanks Spicey….Alas, that’s a picture of last years Fatalii. This years ones are few and smaller !

  3. All of the Fatalii plants I’ve ever grown got to a nice size with dark green leaves but only produced about 10 chillies. Still a great tasting chilli though.

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