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March Update

Growing chillis – March update

well march has been an extremely up and down month, which saw some serious growth in the plants !Because of the growth I had no choice .. but to move most of them into one of the small greenhouses. I decided to set up the Hydroponic equipment, and put the chosen plants in place. I made sure I’d got the heater in there… just in case, all was going fine, until we had the mini heatwave!! Some of the plants suffered serious sunburn/heat stroke, due to the greenhouse doors being closed.. I came home from work, and they looked on death’s door !! So I had to swap the plants around, to make sure healthy plants were in the Hydro equipment. The plants I took out have now shown signs of recovery (thank god !) and the one’s put in their place seem to be getting used to their new growing conditions.

Quadgrow 1

Quadgrow 2

Original Quadgrow

Various plants waiting to go in beds in the larger greenhouse

You can still see some evidence of heat damage on some of the leaves, however… the new growth is fine, and any damaged leaves will be removed.
The plants are getting the nutrients supplied with the growing systems, and the ones which are going into the beds…will be fed using Chilli Focus. Hopefully all will be in place in time for the next update !!!

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