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Growing Diary

I have been growing chillis for a number of years, and have decided to try and keep an accurate record of my 2012 chilli growing season, and what better way to do so… than with a grow blog ?… And even better, I can share my trials and tribulations…. as well as my highlights hopefully many !! , with all of you fellow chilli heads
I will be growing using both Hydroponics and conventional soil based methods. The equipment I shall use, will be.. An NFT system, 2 X Chilligrow, a double Quadgrow slim system, and of course normal flower buckets/pots. I intend to sow my first batch of seeds on new years eve 2011, which is a bit later than I have sown previously. In the past, my first batch of chillis has always been sown on Halloween night, however this season, I found no significant difference in the plants which were sown at Halloween 2010, and the plants sown on January 1st 2011…. As soon as the seeds germinate, I will move the seedlings under blue LED lights for a while… after which they will go under CFL’s, until the climate is right for them to go into the greenhouses. All my seeds have now been sourced, and I will post a grow list in due course…. I do hope many of you will follow this blog, and share my growing season…. including all the ups and downs !!



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