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Firefoods Firemite Sauce

Ok… you either love it..or you hate it, so they say.
Everyone remembers Marmite from when you were a kid, for the reasons given above ! However, whichever category you fell into then… I implore you to try this !
always a best seller, Firefoods  [http://www.firefoods.co.uk/]  are now doing it again.

Chilli(Cayenne & Habanero), Yeast extract, Garlic, Acetic acid, Salt, Sugar, Chilli Extract, Xantham Gum.

It has the aroma and taste everyone associates with Marmite….with a nice punch of heat, but the consistency of a sauce. It contains small particles of Chilli, and is very pourable.
The uses are endless !! Try it in spag bol, stews, basting meat, or just try it on hot crusty toast !!! If you didn’t like Marmite as a child, give this a try….and you will be converted !
Flavour 8
Heat 6



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