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How to save True To Type Seed

When it comes to sowing chilli seeds, we all like to know that the seeds are True To type.

August/September Update.

Well…it’s time for another update…

Chutney Time !

As I had a day off work today….I thought it was about time I made some more chutney.

June/July Update

You will have noticed, that I haven’t updated for a couple of months.

March Update

Growing chillis – March update well march has been an extremely up and down month, which saw some serious growth in the plants !

Febuary Update

Ok…there has been some good growth in the young plants, and now it’s time for potting on.

January Update

Well the first batch 0f seeds are now seedlings growing nicely

December Update

Chilli growing diary december update Growing chillis can be an all year round hobby……. if we provide heat and light, with this in mind I have sown my first batch of seeds… ready for 2012.

Growing Diary

I have been growing chillis for a number of years, and have decided to try and keep an accurate record of my 2012 chilli growing season, and what better way to do so… than with a grow blog ?

Firefoods Firemite Sauce

Ok… you either love it..or you hate it, so they say. Everyone remembers Marmite from when you were a kid, for the reasons given above ! However, whichever category you fell into then… I implore you to try this ! always a best seller, Firefoods  []  are now doing it again. INGREDIENTS: Chilli(Cayenne & Habanero), […]